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Disciples of Christ
The Pastor's Desk
To our Church Family and Friends,

Jesust came on earth to reveal an extraordinary message, a message of love, hope, joy and peace. Christ asks us to have love for one another, to be reconciled to one another and to accept one another.

Jesus said: “I have come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” Giving us life is the first purpose for which Jesus came into the world. The second purpose is that the life promised by Christ is a source of joy and hope. By His coming, the promise of our salvation has been achieved: we have been delivered from the slavery of sin. We are now children of God and we will therefore never wander in darkness but always in the source of Light: Jesus Christ Himself.

Each of us has been entrusted with a special gift, a sacred responsibility: to show others how the mystery of God is among us. We are called to go out into the world and share the message of God’s love for all mankind.

My brothers and sisters, let the joy of Christmas penetrate our hearts and souls, so we may change our lives to become peacemakers, love others as we love ourselves, and love God above all things.

With gratitude for all you have been and done to grace the Antioch Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, I hold you in my heart and in my prayer this Christmas season, asking God to bless you with peace, joy, hope and love.

A blessed Christmas to all,

Bishop Leonard E. Brown